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R10 And 5D Mark II For GTP

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  • R10 And 5D Mark II For GTP

    I have the opportunity to be a Google Trusted Photographer but I've always used a 5D Mark II with a 360 Precision Adjuste Giga for my virtual tours. Anyone out there using a 5D Mark II with the R10, if so, what lens are you using?


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    Google specifies either a Sigma f3.58mm or the Canon f4L 8-15mm fisheye for Google Trusted Photographers.
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      Rob is right,

      Either Sigma f3.5/8mm or the newer Canon f4/8-15mm lens. The canon offers a greater range of use in daily photography.

      Have a look to the RS-1 in place of the R10. Easy shooting Zenith and Nadirs.

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        Right, I was more interested if anyone is using a full frame camera for the Google tours as 8mm gives the full circle view. I have the EF 15mm 2.8 but guessing that isn't going to do me any good. I'm just wondering if it's worth having to buy a APS-C camera, lens, and a different 360 head just to offer the Google tours.


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          As Heinz points out, the Canon 8-15mm lens is versatile and can be used at 12mm to give the same format of image as the 8mm gives on an APS-C camera. It would yield a maximum equirectangular image size of 10600x5300 compared to 7100x3550 for the 8mm lens. You are right in thinking the 15mm lens isn't ideal for use with the R10 because of the necessity of shooting a zenith image.