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    Originally posted by John Houghton View Post
    All the suggestions one would like to make are already in the earlier posts of this thread. For the nadir shot, you should only have control points on the flat surface of the floor/ground. Without viewpoint correction selected, you will expect to get a "bad" optimization. Accept this result and then select VP for the nadir image only. A further optimization should now give a good result. If this doesn't work, upload jpeg copies of the images and your saved project file to your personal web space or a free file sharing site such as , and post a link to them here.

    Besides, you can mask the nadir shot to exclude area that is going to give bad control points.

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      Hi John
      Does your tutorial include the use of the Nodal Ninja Nadir Adapter? I just ordered the adapter and plan to run some tests in the next few days. After taking the two Nadir shots - Nadir1 and then Nadir 2 (after moving Double Pivot Point Distance) do I load both images into PTGUI Pro and mask out the tripod and then stitch?
      I guess I am looking for a step by step work flow. I will be using six images using the Bower 8mm mounted on a Pentax K-3, NN6 RB16. Then I take one vertical Zenith shot and two Nadir shots, the second taken after switching the NN Nadir Adapter and moving the tripod DPD.
      What I would appreciate is the steps in PTGUI for loading the 9 images. I was thinking of loading them in and masking the tripod that would appear in the two Nadir images - is that all I need to do?

      In production I will be using HDR taking 5 shot sequences in a cathedral using 2 EV steps. In the past I have just loaded all the images into PTGUI and let PTGUI do the stitching and HDR. The I take the HDR file and render it using NIK HDR Efex Pro. My question is: Should I take the 5 stitched panos generated by PTGUI as an option and then have NIK HDR EFEX PRO do the merge as well as the rendering.
      Thanks for all you help John.


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        Originally posted by RockvilleBob View Post
        Hi John
        Does your tutorial include the use of the Nodal Ninja Nadir Adapter?
        The tutorial doesn't specifically refer to the nadir adapter. All the images that are shot with the camera in the NPP position can be stitched together. Any images shot from an offset position can be then be added and optimized separately into position. Any images shot from a position only very slightly offset should stitch ok with the others but maybe switch on the viewpoint correction for that image to fine tune the optimization at the end. If you are optimizing with full manual control via the optimizer's advanced tab, all the images can be added at the outset but selectively included in the optimization by using the check boxes in the "Use control points of.." list.



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          Hi Bob,

          here you find what you are looking for:

          It's a video on how to use the Nadir Adapter. The workflow will be the same for NN3 NN4 NN5 M1. Hope you are not talking about the R1/R10 Nadir Adapter Use.

          Then you have to look at this one:

          Using the Nadir shots in PTGuiPro, you can mask out the tripod once and then plug the mask into all other pics. Then you can import the Nadir shots into your workflow.


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