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is R1 sturdy enough to go on a pole?

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  • is R1 sturdy enough to go on a pole?


    I used to set up nodal ninja 3 on my Agnos "BigAgnos" pole.

    Up to 8 meter, the top of the pole oscillate a lot, but i never experienced problems with NN3 as every part of the head is "screwed".

    i was wondering i R1 with its plastic ring and little precision plate would be sturdy enought to support the weight up to 8 meters?


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    It definitely is strong enough with it's the whole construction. Oscilliation is a combination out of weight on top away from center point of load to the center of pole and the stiffness ability from the pole itself. With a NN3 for example a lot of weight is outside the direct weight direction down to pole.

    With R1 all the weight is better centered to center of pole. To bring it more to the center and to get a smaller nadir, a lot of us shoot 10-12mm in front of NPP with -5 pitch. This brings it even more to center.

    Because of the length of the pole, you should click to the next stop and wait a little bit till everything is "stable" before shooting the next pic. Plus everything depends on the wind.

    So R1 is not the problem at all. It is really stable in itself.