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Basic Info about Use of R1/R10 Zenith Nadir Adapter

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  • Basic Info about Use of R1/R10 Zenith Nadir Adapter


    Because of the design you have to follow some basic rules to keep the NPP Position for Zenith / Nadir Shot. After having opened the Adapter - camera moves downwards and sidewards - you have to raise the camera back to old lens axis height. Then you have to move the Tripod / Pole / Monopod to the side to reach old NPP position from your shots around.

    On a tripod you should "reserve the height" you need on the center column. Do not raise it totally taking the shots around. Once you know the height you need for your equipment, you can mark it with the center column ring which is delivered with the Adapter. Take your shots around, open up the Adapter, raise center column to the ring position, move the tripod sideways, take the Zenith shot. Turn camera around for Nadir shot. Close and fix the Adapter.

    Using the adapter on a pole, most of us shoot with a pitch of -15 and the lens ring moved forward by a round 10 - 12 mm from NPP Position in the clamp to get a smaller Nadir Hole which can easily be covered with a handheld shot. After having taken the shots around, you have to bring the camera down. On R1 set pitch back to 0 and open up the adapter. Move the pole to the side. Bring back the camera to old height of the shots around. Shooting from high position there is no real need to raise NPP to old height. Take Zenith shot, bring camera down again, close Adapter and fix it. Most of us take a handheld Nadir shot. If you do not like this, you have to turn the camera around to Nadir position after bringing it down from Zenith shot. Then go back to old height and shoot the Nadir. Then you have the same workflow as with Zenith shot to get your equipment in safe position.

    This is the basic principal whatever equipment the adapter is mounted to. There are a lot of varieties. Where do you mount the rotator, use of mini rotator, Quick Mount Mini System etc etc. I will show pics about this later.

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