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Nikon 16mm f/2.8 NPP settings for FX and DX

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  • Nikon 16mm f/2.8 NPP settings for FX and DX

    Does anyone have information on the NPP and tilt settings for the Nikon 16mm f/2.8 to be used with R1?

    I am intending to use the 16mm lens with FX as well as DX sensor (D3s and D7000 respectively).

    Also, I am assuming that the ring clamp for the 16mm is different to the 10.5mm DX lens? Not that I will have both lens, just wondering if a single ring clamp will work for both lens.


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    Missed your question till today.

    Workflow: 0, +5 +7.5 for R1/R10 use, 2x +60 for horizontal connection, +90, 2 x Nadir shot with Nadir Adapter. Orange dots are laser placed for horizontal and vertical CP placed manually to spread them to the outer circle of the lens. 0 set will show you Zenith and Nadir holes. You may use the sets to set up a "Pre Template" for PTGui to fine tune it with sets with your own equipment.

    I have R1 settings at the office for D3, but I did not try D7000 till now. Can send D3 settings tomorrow. D7000 settings are close to D90 settings on NN3 NN5. To compare, I should know what your upper R1/R10 clamp looks like, cause the marks have changed in between different productions.

    For FX I use the 16mm when I shoot in not too busy places. My favorite for FX. D3, D700. In crowded busy places to take 4 shots around I take my shaved 10.5. My favorite for 4 shots on FX and normal DX shots. In case you need a "quick" lens in crowded places or a lot of wind etc. or for Pole Panos, Samyang 8mm would be a good and cheaper solution for DX, 4 around compared to 10.5 with 6 on DX. Besides being a manual lens, I prefer it to Sigma 8mm/f3.5 on Fx and DX.

    Being interested in this, I'll send another link for these lenses tested on FX and DX.

    Sorry to say, you'll need two different lens rings for 16mm and 10.5mm lens.

    Hope this helps a little bit....or more...

    Regards to Sydney,
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      My settings for R1 D3 16mm/f2.8:

      +5 1,95, 0 0,95, -2.5 1.3, -7.5 2,0