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NNR1 hard at work in the DIY Object modeling studio

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  • NNR1 hard at work in the DIY Object modeling studio

    Here is our DIY object model studio setting. The NNR1 is looking good !!
    Click to see:

    Click image for larger version

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    Thought I would show you the results. I created this NN R1 for Fanotec in Phoenix Arizona last week.

    above image is the table layout.

    The bottom flash NN R1 object model shows the Canon 5d and 180 8mm fisheye lens attached to a panorama head.

    Mouse over the picture of the Nodal Ninja picture... left button mouse down hold on it.. drag it to left or right to see the object from most all sides. OR

    Mouse over image bottom right.. a tool bar appears with function tooltip hints.

    This object model was created using with about 40 single images resized down to 300 x 450 pixel dimensions converted to compressed 25kb .jpgs. Used Object2vr software to assemble and output to a single standard 800kb +/- Adobe Flash .swf file.

    An Adobe Flash object model file type .swf is not an allowable file attachment type.. so to see the object (use mouse to rotate) please visit:
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      Above you have seen an object revolving around to see most all sides.

      Lets reverse the camera positions. Here is a panorama taken from the center of the scene. I am using a different view here.. but the technique is the same.

      Canon 500d Sigma 8mm fisheye lens. 4 images taken at 90 with a 5 lens tilt up. This tilt up angle converges the top of all 4 images at the top of the sphere projection. If you use your mouse to look up... there is no black hole at the top. Conversely tilting down you see the bottom of 4 images creating a black 4 sided black box. The black box is the background behind the 4 single images.

      Think of the projection as pealing back the skin of an orange... the orange is the back ground.. the skin are the merged 4 images.

      Oh yes, that is a second panorama head and 8mm lens on the table.

      Apparantly the 'full screen' buttons were disabled during the upload to this forum. But that is ok.. just use your mouse to click and drag... and zoom in/out

      Please revisit
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        Hi Dave,

        thx for sharing, interesting subject to get to know.