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  • NN Equivelent for the Atome

    Is the Ultimate 10 7.5 degree a good equivelent for the 360P Atome? I currently shoot with the Atome, and would get another, but 360P seems to be having some internal issues right now. Someone directed me to NN's ultimate lineup. How does the Ultimate 10 compare to the Atome? Is it quick to setup, have few moving parts that have to be frequently reset, build quality pro quality, etc... Any added benefits I might expect from the Ultimate?



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    Re: NN Equivelent for the Atome

    Brian, welcome to the forum.

    First question for forum members who will try to answer you in a basic comment is: What is your camera lens combination you are using.

    Second question: what do you like to shoot?

    One thing I can answer you in advance: I am using NN products since 2008, before another product. The counter of my D3 changed from 9999 to 001. I am using NN5, NN3, R1, Ez-LevellerII, no problem at all.

    I have seen comments of NN users of the first versions of NN3 on several forums. After years the plastic of a knob broke. After years of using the first production model of NN3 a thread broke.

    These guys got answers of the two mentors of this products within hours, nick is open to produce a special screw for your personal question.

    These products do not ask you to buy a lot of new expensive parts changing a camera body or lens.

    And being left alone. You are not the first one reporting "360P seems to be having some internal issues right now"

    Having bad experience with another product, in 2008 in sailed the Net. I came across 360P. I went across the web site. Wow, a lot of tutorials, but trying to open up: comments like "in development". Not even a single tutorial about how to use the origin product.

    Have a look to it today:

    Same empty spaces. In 2008 this was the reason why I decided to buy a NN product. And over the years, I felt to have taken a good decision. Good professional product, great help from forum members and from bill and nick themselves.

    I personally feel happy, but I am just a normal user on this forum.




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      Re: NN Equivelent for the Atome

      Thanks for the reply. I shoot real estate with the Sigma 8mm 3.5/Nikon d70. I need to get in and out fast without having to worry about adjusting anything, or worry that a screw is not tight enough so the rotation may be a little off, or something like that. The limited adjustment options of the Atome, and the 4 solid rotation stops make it fast, dummy-proof and easy to apply templates. It is obviously not very flexible... basically it is tied to 1 lens and you can only get a single row... but that works great for me.

      At any rate, I was just interested to know if the Ultimate adds bells and whistles that may ultimately get in my way. I am all for flexible pano heads. I have an older model NN3 that I still use I have been eyeballing the NN5.. for use with my Nikon 10.5. But, for my daily work, I just want uber-simple.


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        Re: NN Equivelent for the Atome

        Originally posted by brianmisty View Post
        Thanks for the reply. I shoot real estate with the Sigma 8mm 3.5/Nikon d70.
        Best R10 model for sigma 8mm on 1.5x sensor is 5 deg tilt.
        Once determined the NPP setting, you can use rail stop to memorize the setting. Same as Atome in this reguard.

        Here are the features that are superior to Atome.

        * Fanotec lens ring clamps are built with special attention to the safety of lens.

        ->Plastic insert is placed between the outer metal ring and the lens. It is contoured to fit the lens and hence increase area of contact.
        ->Large clamping area to reduce stress on the lens barrel, reducing the risk of damaging the lens.

        * Index marks for every 90 degrees at the front and every 30 degrees at the back for easy alignment of roll of lens.

        * Arca Swiss Compatible quick release design, can be mounted directly to other Arca Swiss compatible system without using R1 or R10.

        * Can be used for the coming full spherical Ultimate pano head.

        * Great for use on a monopod or high pole

        * Easy to install

        * Optional advanced rail stop to remember NPP setting

        * Each R10 head has a set of 3 built in static tilt options (0 degree and +/- certain degrees).
        In the case of 5 deg model, it supports +/-5 deg and 0 deg. This gives you lots of flexibility for different applications, be it a normal pano on tripod or an aerial pano on high pole. It also works for more lenses.

        RD4 advanced rotator is also superior.
        *4 different degree stop increments (with equivalent number of stops around) include: 60 (6 stops), 90 (4 stops), 120 (3 stops), 180 (2 stops)
        * Detent interval can be changed in seconds on the fly
        * Knob for locking rotation, ideal for making HDR panos and/or mosaics

        BTW, you can check this out to see if the item is still available

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