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M1 or M2 Upper rotator quick release?

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  • M1 or M2 Upper rotator quick release?

    Hi, we currently use a 360Precision Absolute but are wanting to change to a different panohead due to increasing difficulty dealing with the supplier of those heads.
    We shoot full spherical panoroamas using a Nikon D810 and Nikon 16mm FE lens and shoot bracketed shots of 6 round and 1 up. We also do an upper shot to allow us to do measurements so precision is key to our shots.

    One thing we love about the 360Precision kit is the spring loaded plunger on the upper rotator that is set to 15 (or 10) positive stops allowing us to very quickly switch between -15 and the 90 zenith positions.

    We have been trialing the NN4 which is a nice piece of kit and love that the upper rotator has positive stops. The only problem we find is that it takes a turn of about 270 in order to allow us to turn the upper rotator. This would not be an issue on smaller projects but some of the projects we work on can call for up to 200 panoramas daily for 3-4 weeks straight. The NN4 upper rotator may end up giving us repetitive strain injury (RSI).

    Ideally I would have like to see the upper rotator with only a small twist required to release the friction and disengage the positive locks. Or even a quick release arm that could replace the rotating knob on the side.

    Is there such a mod or addition that can be added to make this a quick and easy process to loosen the upper rotator?

    I hope this is clear for what I am trying to say. We basically need the robustness of the M series but with an easier to use release system on the upper rotator.

    Thanks for any help,

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      I have not commented as I use a Samyang 8mm with my D800 with an R1 at +7.5 which gives me slightly larger than 12,000 x 6,000 Equrectangulars without the need for a zenith shot so I would need to know what the Nikon 16mm "sees" and what size Equirectangulars you get with 6 shots round and a zenith shot to make a contribution to the discussion.
      For example, could you tilt the rig some more to close the zenith without the need for a zenith shot or does this give too big a hole at the nadir.
      I also have a Nikon 10.5mm which also does not need a zenith shot when tilted up by +7.5, but this only gives me Equirectangulars slightly larger than 10,000 x 5,000.
      As I don't have access to a Nikon 16mm perhaps you could email one of your images, or better stil, one set for a panorama.
      I note your comment about dealing with your current supplier and totally agree with you as it seems that Matthew has completely lost interest in marketing his products.
      I have found that the difference between 360Precision and Nodal Ninja is "chalk and cheese" when it comes to help and support and would suggest that the reason you have not seen any comment is that no one with sufficient knowledge has accessed the forum in the mean time.


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        Hugh, many thanks for your reply. It is greatly appreciated.

        Our setup allows us to shoot equirectangular images of 19200 x 9600. Our method allows us to get enough overlap but a small enough nadir hole that is within the base of the panohead. We place a logo on the nadir to cover the hole and the rest of the visible tripod so -10 (or -15) works well for this. We tried shooting at 0 round but that left too big a nadir hole to work with.

        The reason I tried bumping my post was that I was hoping someone from Nodal Ninja would be able to shed some light on the upper rotator release mechanism. I just got a great reply to an email I sent to them so already their customer support is a million times better than what Matt offers.

        Again, thanks for taking the time to reply. It is also amazing to see how many panoramic photographers are getting fed up (putting it very politely) with 360Precision. Seems like the internet is awash with nothing but bad stories about that company.


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          Thank you for the information Chani, I now have a better understanding and am sure that communicating directly with Nodal Ninja will get you better results than trying to communicate with 360P.

          You are getting much better resolution with the Nikon 16mm than I can get with my Samyang 8mm I can see the reason for your shooting pattern.

          Nick, the man behind Nodal Ninja does monitor this forum and respond and definitly listens to his Customers.


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            Sorry for the late reply here. You should got our response in email.
            Our M1 will requires slightly more than half turn to lock or unlock the upper rotator.
            M2 is free rotating, it is also possible to lock or unlock in one single turn of knob.

            We listen. We try harder.