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  • Tripod needed


    I own a Nikon d810 with a sigma 50mm prime lense.
    Up to now I have only made textures with this setup but I also want to create Hdri.
    So, I want to buy the "M2 Giga w/RD8-II (F9000)" for this purpose.
    I don't own a tripod and have never used a tripod.
    Also, never used a arca Swiss plate so far.

    Is it correct that I only need a "camera plate" for connecting the pano head with the camera?
    And could I also use a l bracket instead of a camera plate?

    Can u recommend me some tripods for this head?
    If I buy a tripod with a ball head with arca style plate.
    Can I connect the "M2 Giga" with the ball head?

    Thank you.