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Setup M1 with nikon 16mm

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  • Setup M1 with nikon 16mm

    Hi everyone
    I have some problems to find NPP on M1+R16ll with Nikon D600 and 16mm fisheye .
    If someone have the same or similar gear please help me.
    Thanks in advance

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    There's nothing special about the equipment you are using. The methods described in can be used. If you want to do the sawtooth test for lateral adjustment of the vertical rail, then you can fit a circular disc such as a cd under the rotator.



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      I'm working on aligning nearly the same setup (different camera body). Before I offer to help I would appreciate verification whether the following image from should be achievable with this lens and head. It reminds me of instructions for verifying the accuracy of a bubble level: rotate the level 180-degrees and the bubble should remain in the exact same postition.

      I would like to find the article where the above image was used, but all I saved in my notes was the image link.


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        I apologize for resurrecting this old post. I didn't realize it was from 2015; it was only a few posts down from the top and I thought I could help the OP.