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Which M series for my setup?

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  • Which M series for my setup?

    Hi there! Very sorry as I realise similar questions have been covered several times already when I've read through previous threads - but as it's a lot of money I wanted to make sure for my specific setup!
    It's the old M1S vs M1L vs M2 question...having read as much as I can I still can't quite understand the differences and which to go for.

    - I've got a Canon 5D MK3; main lens is 24-105 but I'd like to shoot on a whole variety of lenses from fisheye (looking to buy the shaved Tokina 10-17mm) to longer stuff (I've got access to a 70-200mm and a small 300mm).
    - I'm primarily into 360 spheres(24mm or lower), but I'd like to occasionally shoot high res flat pano gigapixels.

    I'm thinking the M2 with R8mkII, but would the M1S or L be perfectly suitable for my needs(certainly a bit cheaper, which helps!)? Does the R16 limit the range of lenses you can use compared to the R8mkII?
    I've seen people mentioning that the M1 is best for spheres, but then the M2 sounds(not sure why!) more versatile.
    Any advice/experience would be greatly appreciated! There's only so much I can work out without actually seeing/using the pano heads!

    Thanks again.

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    The 300mm lens on a full frame camera has a field of view of 4.6 x 6.8. Now, the upper rotator on the M1 has a detent interval of 7.5, which is greater than the vfov of the images in portrait orientation. This means it's not possible to shoot overlapping rows of images. OTOH, the rotator of the M2 has detents at 5 intervals, which is smaller than the vfov of the images. Therefore it's possible to shoot rows of images with an overlap of around 25%, which is generally quite adequate. This is one factor that you need to bear in mind.