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M2 kit suitability question

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  • M2 kit suitability question

    I am looking to buy a Nodal Ninja pano head, and hope NN can help me with some questions.

    As frame of reference, I already have the below eqpt that I plan to use the pano head with:
    a) Canon 5DIII with Sunwayfoto L-bracket.
    b) Canon EF 100mm F/2.8L IS USM lens with Vello Tripod Collar & Kirk LP-57 Quick Release Lens Plate.
    c) Canon EF 70-200 F/2.8L II IS USM lens with tripod collar & Wimberley P-20 lens plate.
    d) Kenko 2X PRO DGX Teleconverter. (so my 70-200mm lens becomes a 400mm focal length).
    e) Feisol CT-3442 Carbon Fibre tripod.
    f) Markins Q20 ballhead with Markins quick shoe.

    - All lens & camera plates above are arca-swiss compatible.
    - I would like a pano head system which will work well in multi-row pano photography work.
    - I want to use a pano head to do HDR high resolution pano landscape for print work (i.e. prints long side > 40").
    - I like the gimbal head capability of the M2 ... to do the occasional bird photography.

    I understand that the NN4 is designed to work with camera & lens of up to 100mm focal length, & so I am not considering the NN4.
    That leaves ,me with either the “Ultimate M1-L RD16II” or the “Ultimate M2 with RD8-II”.

    Although I also have the Canon EF 50mm F2,5 compact lens & the Canon EF 85mm F1.8mm lens, I my primary lens on the pano head will be the Canon EF 100mm L lens (for quality reasons), and perhaps occasional use of the EF 70-200mm F.28L lens as well.

    So my thots on the most suitable head for me with future proofing scalability is the M2 + RD16II.

    Q1) Will the rails/ sliders that come with the M2 kits suit my 100mm & 70-200mm lenses (i.e. rails are not too short or too long)?

    Q2) Any other thots on suitability, or is M2 overkill?


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    you should definitely get M2. :-)
    M2 made for landscape photographer. M1 made for spherical pano makers.

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