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Nodal Ninja M2 mounted with Canon 8-15mm fisheye

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  • Nodal Ninja M2 mounted with Canon 8-15mm fisheye

    I have been spending time with my new Nodal Ninja M2 and RD8ii, I am using it with a canon 8-15mm lense on a canon 5d miii. I have been using a competitor's pano heads for over 3 years but decided I could no longed work with them. anyway, all photos I seen of the M2 so faR non were showing it with a fisheye attached, thus I just want to make sure I have done things correctly (putting it together) to start with.

    In all photos I see of the M2 the QRC-40a (aka the bit that actually connects to the camera in itself) is placed on the back of the upper assembly, when doing this it means I see the upper assembly in the shot. Can someone confirm I am supposed to have the upper assembly parallel to the red line on my lense.

    If anyone uses a fisheye it would be interesting in seing a shot of how you have it connected etc, all videos etc I see on the internet show people using a longer lense thus the qrc-40a is right at the back of the upper assembly.

    I just want to make sure I am setting it up correct to begin with, as their is no documentation really showing it on a camera with wide angle.



    Nodal Ninja M2 with canon 5dmiii Nodal Ninja M2 with canon 5dmiii

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    Wit the focal length set to 8mm, you get the whole of the image circle covering 180 degrees. This means that part of the upper rotator assembly will inevitably appear in the right side of the image since the lens will see anything forward of the axis of the rotator . (The front of the lens will be aligned close to the rotator axis) With a 15mmm setting, the angle of view will me much narrower and the lens should not see any part of the rotator assembly. See for general advice on setting up your head.

    I should add that if you take 3 shots around at the 8mm focal length, the right hand side of the image can be masked away in PTGui and you will still capture the full 360 degree view around.

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