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Need help selecting the right gear.

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  • Need help selecting the right gear.

    Hi Guys,

    I'm about to pull the trigger on an Ultimate M1-L w/RD16-II.

    But before I do I just wanted to ask some questions, you will have to excuse me as I haven't been in the Pano head game very long and am still picking it up to a degree.

    My primary uses are Milky Way pano's and landscape pano's, I travel a fair bit, I also have a LucrOit filter systems that attaches to the 2 x primary landscape lens I use, Nikon 14-24mm + Nikon 70-200vr2. These attached to a Nikon D610.

    Questions I have.

    - Is the Ultimate M1-L + RD16-II the way to go?
    - Which camera plate is best suited for the camera.
    - Will I need a custom plate for the 70-200 VR2?
    - I like the sound of the EZ leveller but is it needed for this setup?

    Before I hit the buy button and get everything delivered to lil ole Perth Western Australia I just wanted to make sure I have everything I need.

    Many thanks in Advance


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    Not sure we have a camera plate to match D610. I will check out the camera in retail store today.
    It sounds that you are not primarily making spherical panos. In that case the M2 will give you more flexibility in framing and composition. You can make a mosaic with desired composition with fewer images. M1 has fixed 7.5 deg stops at upper rotator.
    EZL not recommended for tele lens. It causes vibration.

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      Hi Scotty and welcome to the forum,

      The M1 will do the job, just think about the point nick mentioned. The M2 Upper Rotator has free rotation with 2,5 marks on Upper Rotator Ring and is not fixed to the 7,5 Preset of the M1 Upper Rotator.

      Click image for larger version

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      The 70 -200mm is easily attached to a MFR170 and directly fixed into the upper rotator.

      Order the EZ-Leveller for your 14-24mm, it's easy to level. Only level the first shot. The bubble will move during your shots around but that does not matter. Do not re level!!

      To be able to use your filter system, your should raise your camera with the M1 Nadir Adapter. So you have to order the Nadir Adapter as well to get free space to fix your filter system with space to the rail.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC_7138.jpg
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      @Nick: I had a look at the camera body, I suppose the plate for D700 might fit. The flange can be only placed to the back. It's straight but there is a small convex hollow step from the bottom to the real back below the screen.

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        Hi Guys,

        First of all thank you for the welcome and the answers :)

        Ok so I'm reading it like this :)

        Things to purchase.

        -Ultimate M2 with RD8-II
        -EZ leveller if I want for 14-24mm
        -M1 Nadir Adapter to use LucrOit filter system
        -D700 Camera plate, maybe?


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          Due to the new styling of camera base, I am not sure camera plate U2/ U3 will fit. Fortunately, the camera plate U4 will be perfect for the base of D610.

          It has lots of grip for the cork surface in camera plate U4
          If you just need more vertical head room, we have the lighter and cheaper extender

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            He can use the Nadir Adapter for the 14-24mm. That's why I did not recommend the extender.

            I will try if I can test the camera plate anywhere the next days.



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              You will be better off with the M2 with RD16II rotator. The RD8II has stops for longer focal lenses specially 4, 3, 2.5,and 2. You will need the set of the RD16II for both of your lenses. Specially when you go to shoot with fisheye lenses you'll need the 90 and 60 of the RD16II.

              I would go for the RD16II instead of the RD8II.

              I checked the U3 Camera Plate on the D610 Body in the Nikon Store. The Anti Twist Flange just reaches the bottom of the body below the screen. It will fit the camera body if you can grind it down to fit to the first step in the body to get the anti twist function.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	allroundview2.jpg
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Name:	allroundview2.jpg
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              When the plate is aligned with the body, the anti twist flange just reaches pos1 and has not anti twist function. The flanges have to be in pos2. To reach this position you have to grind them down. It's not much. Or Nock has to make a plate with 1,5mm longer Anti Twist Flanges. You can see it better when you have the camera in place because the picture is not taken rectangular from the side.

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