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Need help with new M2 and M6 screw

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  • Need help with new M2 and M6 screw

    I recently received new M2. All looks great. I have only one hiccup which I cannot install M6 screw according to manual to the center hole of RD8II with QRC65. The screw head has 'A2' label on it. It does not go in since the beginning. I did not dare to force it in because I am afraid that it will damage the internal thread in RD8II. I tried with the M6 screw from R-10 quick mount mini adapter and it goes in well but the hole is not deep enough and the M6 screw from quick mount mini is longer than the one comes with M2 set.
    The same screw which cannot goes into center thread hole of RD8ii can goes in without any issue with the bottom two holes in RD8ii.
    Thanks in advance for your kind help.


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    sorry for the issue. I contacted support to send you the right screws. If you still have one M6 x18mm or M6x20mm screw from NN5, you can use it. You can also use 2 M5x14mm screws for the 2 mounting socket on QRC-65.
    The 2 socket below RD8II is 1/4", not M6.

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      Thanks Nick, I will also contact them. I don't have NN5 with me anymore. At the mean time I installed with 2M5 screw on side holes of QRC65.
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