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  • M1 camera settings

    Hello all.
    Is there a camera settings page for the M1, the same as the settings page for the NN4/5? Specificity I am after settings for a Canon 5D mk3 with a 24-105L lens and the settings for each zoom point.

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    Hi and welcome to the forum,

    Sorry to say, at the moment there is no database. In case MKII is the similar Body to MKIII, use the these settings for stsrt up specially on the lower rail I am a Nikonian, so I can not help you. Plus, I suppose your lens is not used by many guys. This will help you to find H for your camera body.

    Use these tutorials to try to find your settings.

    Sorry to say, but there are not many users to inform the group about settings.

    Would be nice anybody could send an IM to me about the settings you found so we try to upgrade the database. Please add info about the set up of M!, with or without Nadir Adapter, because this differs in settings.

    You can always send you set of pics via for example and there will be a lot of friends to try to help you.

    We can not buy all the bodies and lenses from different branches that are on the market to set up a database. I believe you understand this point of view.

    May be users could start sending the settings they have found to me via IM, and I'll try to upgrade the database for NN3, NN4, NN5, M1 and M2 with a proof by set of pics.

    Feel free to ask.

    Thx in advance,
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      I have a setting finally after a lot of trial and error.
      I hope someone updates the NN page sooner or later with settings for the M1 the same way that it has been done for the NN3, 4, etc... The support was the main reason I got a NN over a RRS.

      Canon 5D Mk3
      Lens 24-105L
      MFR-210 rail 18.5mm
      MFR-170 rail 12.1mm

      The upright bar MFVR-170c is 10.2 mm along the 210 rail.

      Hope this makes sense. Only new to panno heads.

      I would like it if others with a 5D Mk2 or 3 body could post their setups and panno head settings


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        My name is Stefano and I just registered but use Nodal products for more than a year.
        I recently bought a M1 and I can provide the data to shoot pano with Canon 5 M II + 8-15 and 50 f 1.2.
        PS.: Sorry for my bad English ...