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M1 upper rotator stuck

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  • M1 upper rotator stuck

    I have the M1-L and love it. Unfortunately when I went to use it yesterday it seems that the upper rotator has gotten stuck for some reason. I can turn the locking knob but it doesn't unscrew, it just keeps turning, and the upper rotator stays locked. I notice that the locking knob feels like it kind of slots into a looser spot or groove in one particular position for every turn, in case that is meaningful.

    I've tried unscrewing the fastening screw but that doesn't help.

    Is this a known issue? I couldn't find anything on the forums. Solution?


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    Hi Raymo,

    It's a known issue for first series.

    Opening the upper rotator, you can not move it till you can see a gap between the two housings of the rotator. The inside stays fixed because the "fingers on one side" still stay in "gaps in the other side".

    Click image for larger version

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Name:	M1 Upper Rotator open position_movable rotator.jpg
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    You should ask your reseller to replace your knob with the new replacement knob. They should have sent a new knob to the customers.

    Keeping construction in mind, you should close the rotator with knob just till the gap is closed. Harder fixation will break the knob. The knob is designed to just open and close the housings of the rotator. It is not designed to keep the rotator in place by "Fridge and Grip Design" like NN3 upper rotator for example.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to ask.


    BTW: infos are to be found under "Support > User Guides" on NN site.
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      Thanks Heinz, that was very helpful. I have emailed my reseller to get the required parts.



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        Thx for answering. Pleasure for me I could help you to get you on the road.

        Success with your reseller. Otherwise let us know. Bill as well as Nick keep their eyes on the forum.

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