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    Having sent back the gitzo ball head i am just about to order the rss bh-55, my question is, will the camera plate that was sent with the m1 work with this ballhead? and is there anything i need to know to get the m1 to work perfectly with the said ball head, i am still waiting for the D800 i have had on order for nearly 4 months, so i am not getting any use from the kit i have purchased, hence i cannot give any examples or whatever to the forum, not long now tho, i may stage a sit in at the shop, also would a leveling base used in conjunction with the ball head give any benefits? cheers
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    Get the screw knob clamp for your ball head. No guarantee to work with the lever clamp.

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      I have tested Fanotec Camera Plates with RRS Lever Clamps. It works fine. There is space enough to lock the lever below the inserted camera plate. The height of the lever handle lets the lever just end below the bottom of the clamp itself.



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        Thanks Nick, thanks Heinz, i did have my heart set on the flash lever job, once i get my camera i will be out taking some shots of the local coast and have some city pano's in mind as well, then i can be a 'contributing member', atm i would probably just expose my naivety, i will also post a short bio of where i am as a photographer, rip van winkle is the most apt phrase, anyway thanks for that. i did read someone in a forum suggest that having a ball head on a leveling base gives more stability, was wondering if that is indeed the case? not such a great idea for the poor sod who has to cart the gear around but if it does yield sharper shots, well i would consider moving a leveling base up my wish list. I have attached a shot from a train station in sydney city, cheers.
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