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Gitzo GH2780QR Ball Head

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  • Gitzo GH2780QR Ball Head

    i have just invested in a GT2541EX tripod and a GH2780QR ball head, i am having trouble figuring how to use the ball head, it has a quick release mechanism that is supposed to secure the camera, on one side of the clamp the dovetail shaped molding is fixed, the other side has a small thumbscrew with the quick release handle underneath, it also pivots, trouble is it always pivots no matter what i try and the plate just falls out, i am sure there is a simple answer, i would really appreciate some help figuring this, i am not sure if i need another attachment, gitzo make a Arca-stule Quick Release Adapter A-B, would this help? i wan to attach a M1, the ball head is a little small, i am sure i will get something heavier one day, but it does carry 30lbs, any help would be most appreciated.

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    Hi, may be you can find the answer her. Special look to spare parts list. May be the small thumbscrew adjusts the handles and the width of movement to fix the plate? Just try to turn it around? What is the function of D4050.15? But I never saw this ballhead or even used it.

    The extra "arca style accessory Adapter" is only used to add it to the camera plate in case you want to use it on normal arca style clamps. The gitzo camera plate is too small to be able to be fixed by normal arca style clamps.

    In case I would like to use a ballhead with a quick release plate like you like do to, I would think of changing the gitzo ball head to a ballhead of Really Right Stuff or Kirk. They use normal arca style clamps using normal arca style camera plates in place of smaller or special plates like Gitzo or Manfrotto do. All M1 clamps take arca style plates. The new Fanotec camera plates are arca style.

    Result: You use a Fanotec arca style camera plate with automatic align system in the upper end rail of M1. You leave it on the body. When you want to use your camera body directly on the ball head, just slide it in the arca style clamp. Get another universal arca style camera plate to fix it below the RD16. That way you can easily slide the M1 into the clamp of the ball head and use your camera body in the end clamp of the upper rail. You can easily swap from M1 to camera on top of your ballhead without the need to take off and reinstall camera plates on the camera body.

    You need to use a compact lever release clamp on top of your ball head. The Knob release version clamp may show the knob below RD16 in the nadir shot because knobs are often standing out wide.

    Anyway, I would use the M1 directly on top of your tripod without the ball head. Might be with a EZ=Leveller II below M1 on top of the tripod. But I personally do not like to use a ballhead below my panohead. I know some guys do.

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      Thanks for that, i am going to send it back i think.


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        Dud Unit

        The ball head i was sent is faulty and i have sent it back, another photograper pal tried to clamp the supplied plate and could not, the side with the qr lever just hinges down all the time, i have changed the model for a 3780 and a much better clamping plate, i think the unit is a reject stuck in their system.