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Free NN5x loaners to waiting M1 pre-oders from US store

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  • Free NN5x loaners to waiting M1 pre-oders from US store

    We have begun shipping the first batch of Pre-production M1L pano heads out to customers. Some however may still experience added delays as we are shipping in order received.
    We understand customer concerns over product delays and would like offer free loaners to those waiting for their order and not opting for refund or cancellation.
    If anyone purchased a M1 series pano head prior to the date of this post from our store in the US and needs a pano head please contact us. We will ship you a complete NN5x pkg (slightly used) to hold you over until you receive the new M1 pre-production series pano head.

    US customers:
    We will pay shipping cost to send you the unit and include prepaid shipping label to return.

    International customers:
    We will pay "Express" shipping cost to send you the loaner and refund cost to send back (standard ship) on the credit card used. In addition we will pay any VAT or taxes and also refund these fees back on your credit card - include all receipts with return.

    And as an added bonus every person who purchased an M1 series pano head from our store prior to April 1st 2011 will receive absolutely free 1 EZ-Leveler-II with case (value $110).

    Thank you for your patience and continued support.

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    this is what I learned from the first contact with Nodal Ninja: this company listens to the customers and tries to serve them at its best. Following the forum since some years, when ever something went wrong, Nodal Ninja and Fanotec found a good solution to solve the problem: sending new parts on your costs, stepping in for other resellers to solve customers questions. I never saw a situation you left your customers alone.

    Of course the delay is a pity cause everyone of us would like to see the equipment at home the day before we ordered it. But as you or Nick said before in an other thread, these companies do not mingle around by sending hardware which do not fulfill your quality and later call the changes an upgrade. No! You tell the truth, shit happened, and this is the way we like to solve it. Pre-production for a very reduced price, your very customer orientated offer as mentioned today, leaving the choice to the customer.

    Plus an extra bonus besides free shipping or the chance to use a NN5 in between.

    This is marketing at its best.

    I understand both of you, Bill and Nick, to produce, talk about new developments, getting new equipment on the road - Marketing included - plus keeping the planned time table is like walking on a very thin small plank across a deep waterfall.

    But as a customer, I prefer to be informed may be "in a very early state" of the process and getting a delay in shipping. I personally prefer this to having bought new equipment and realize a week later there is a new model which might have fitted my needs much better.
    Then I turn be angry!

    I prefer being informed early about new developments because this gives me a better choice to take my decision what I need and what I want to buy. I tolerate that there might be a delay in favor to make a better decision. Especially when it is added with such a generous "Add on".

    Everybody should have a look to his own shipping costs, then you will have a lot more respect to Bills offer to "heal our wounds". Besides the extra leveler.

    Even if there would not be such a great offer, I am happy for the day having decided to be a Nodal Ninja customer. And I am confident since the first day. Because you guys tell the truth to your customers!

    This is the reason and because of my experiences with Nodal Ninja and Fanotec Products I feel free to recommend these products to everyone who is asking. Best service, best contacts, well informed and equipped EU distributors like Andrew, Mauro and Vincen on top and great colleagues on the forum. Trying to get newbies on the road.

    Thx a lot guys! And keep on going!

    Kind regards,
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      BTW Bill,

      You know that the 1.April in Europe is the day to make jokes. The morning news on TV from 5.30 to 10.00am told us that there would be a new service by Google: Google Indoors. Google comes to your apartment or house to make pictures of all rooms. If you do not deny this till this evening 6pm with a special downloadable form, they will visit you the next days. They showed a film about a google guy with a helmet on his head, google street view camera set up on top of it, taking pictures from an apartment. Having paintings or objects in a room above $5000, you have the right to pixelate it. This service would be payed by logos which are to be seen in the rooms and google will ask money from the logo owners. The apartment owner will receive 10 eurocent for every logo. More info on the website of ZDF: "Dear customer, we believe you already have checked that this is our 1.April joke and it is not true."

      But I take your comments for serious!?

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