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quick release system issues

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  • quick release system issues

    Hi! I've just recently got NN5 with the quick release system but am having issues about how far you can tighten the grip to base.
    i've seen the imgs posted about the mounting of the quick release and have followed the instructions.

    After an initial tightening to the side basePlate. I am finding that the grip loosens quite a bit when you get started to move the base forward in trying to find the nodal point?
    Also after several times I find it loosen to such a degree that you have to constantly check if the camera is 90 degrees. It seems to be always weighing down some degrees down.

    Is there something I can do to correct this?

    I'm using a d300 with a motordrive with a 24mm lens

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    Re: quick release system issues

    Hi marquee,

    For my better understanding of the origin of problem, can you please take some pictures and send them to
    f a n o t e c a t g m a i l d o t c o m

    Thx a lot.

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      Re: quick release system issues

      The one downside to a universal base plate is that it must rely on torque to maintain position. You may want to look at a camera specific plate from Kirk ( if compatible with Nick's clamp ) These wrap around the base and prevent any unwanted rotation. Unfortunately they are expensive because they are camera specific. RRS also makes plates, if Kirk's won't work.