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A day in Amsterdam with Nodal Ninja's

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  • A day in Amsterdam with Nodal Ninja's

    Hi Bill,

    i just wanted to let you know, that a group of six people spent the last Saturday in the panocursus held by Jan van der Woning in Amsterdam/NL.

    Everybody was pleased to take their time to spend this day with Jan from 9am to 7pm. Theories, practice, Software, a well prepared cours and last but not least the help from nodal ninja for us with the equipment made the day a full success.

    Even the beginners did not have a single problem to use your "fan of technology" products. We asked Jan to upgrade his curses to get to know something more about his tricks and knowledge in this business.

    So all those friends here in the netherlands who like to do the same: i am sure there will be follow up curses.,

    By the way Bill, thanks a lot that you placed the announcement into Twitter. By this way three of us got to know about the curses and the date.

    With kind regards,