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No index mark on new Arca style clamp?

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  • No index mark on new Arca style clamp?

    I haven't visited the NN site for awhile -- been happily using my NN5L along with the older Fanotec Arca-Swiss style clamp (the one with the round knob). I got the clamp because I wanted to mount my camera in landscape orientation so it would be less likely that both near and far objects will appear in the same frame when I shoot high res mosaics. To do this, I got the NN clamp and an L bracket from Really Right Stuff. When I mount the camera to the NN5, I slide the L bracket into the clamp until the index mark on the L bracket aligns with the index mark on the clamp. Therefore, I really depend on the clamp and L brackets having the index marks. (I bought the RRS L bracket instead of the one from Kirk because Kirk's didn't have the index mark.) From the pictures of the new NN clamps, it appears that they don't have an index mark. Is this true? If so, I suggest you add it for NN users who A-S style plates or L brackets other than the Fanotec plate. The little stop on the clamp is great for those using the matching Fanotec plate, but anyone using another A-S plate or bracket needs that index mark to align the axis of the lens with the NN arm.

    Is the old clamp (with the round knob) still available? I couldn't find it in the online Store. I wish you would still offer it since it is a nice generic A-S clamp that is much less expensive than the ones from RRS or Kirk.

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    Re: No index mark on new Arca style clamp?

    Hi Karlg,
    Appreciate the input. The first clamps are discontinued as Nick (manufacturer) is working a newer improved system. You were one of the lucky few to receive these as they sold out very quickly. Once the new Arca style clamps are out we'll post notice here.