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Upper and lower degree scale of NNs

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  • Upper and lower degree scale of NNs

    Hi, maybe as a future developments, I think if the upper degree scale at least can be zeroed on the fly, I'm aware that it can be done now using the small hex key for calibration purposes.

    I think the future of panorama, architectural, cities so on.., will be of high resolution (multi row) inserts over a lower resolution background, when having a certain part in a single row (say due to the movements in the scene) people, cars, is mandatory.

    For example, and I'll made one like this ASAP, with 18-55mm on Canon 350D over a 3x12 @18mm pano I'll insert extra shoots take with the lens at 40mm.
    For that I'll use NN5 with 15? detent ring, and at each other stop (2 stops = 30?) I'll take a shot with 18mm after completing those 36 (3x12) I'll zoom to 40mm and I'll begin to shoot details the pan step of 15? will be just OK, the pitch step will be 25? , but according with the movement in the scene the starting row can be at, say, -7.2 ? and another two rows at (-7.2?)+- 25?
    The lower rotator can be zeroed using a tripod which allows the rotation of the column, and so having benefits of the detents but for the upper it will be nice if the scale can be adjusted with 0 on the actual -7.2 ?.

    It's true that on the viewer one can look and tilt the camera letting the overlap accordingly, but on the field..
    That will help, I guess, for better compositions in 360?x180? and will make NNs better than even a robotic panohead, especially if also the lower rotator can be zeroed (again it can be done from tripod) or even greater if both rotators can be zeroed not only by scale but with detens too.


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    Re: Upper and lower degree scale of NNs

    I often like to zero one side of a pan as a start point .
    My tripod a Manfrotto 055 proB can be rotated but not accurately, as it rarely settles in the exact position when tightened, so I can have to level again.
    I think a number of us would like a zero facility in both planes.
    But I can understand how it might make things rather complex for Nick.


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      Re: Upper and lower degree scale of NNs

      Hi Dorin,

      That is a good idea.

      We listen. We try harder.