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    Hello to All,

    I am a new member here, wanted to say hello to all and inform that a few hours back I received my NN5L after a long wait of nearly one month, well the delay is from our customs department procedures.

    Any way I am exited, as the equation is complete with NN5Ls arrival , as I had DSLR,sigma8mm (also Nikon 10.5mm) ,Tripod and all necessary SWs to make spherical panos except the pano head.

    Where do I get some data on setting NN5L with Nikon D40x with sigma 8mm combination ?

    Thanks for any help in advance

    KVS Setty

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    Re: equation complete

    Originally posted by Aussie Ninja
    I suggest you start with these settings as a starting point.

    Sigma f/3.5 8mm Fisheye
    Lower rail 46.5mm with the NN Camera plate fitted.
    and Upper rail 90mm

    These should get you started. It is also advisable you learn how to find the correct (NPP) No Parallax Position yourself by following a good tutorial.

    Aussie Ninja

    Thank you very much for the reply.
    Yesterday, being a Sunday I had some free time to learn the setting up and using NN5L and using the user manual I tried to find the settings for my Nikon D40x and sigma 8mm combo and the results I got for NPP is as follows:

    Lower scale reading:49mm
    upper scale reading:94mm

    With NNplate fitted.

    And the readings are slight different compared to what you have suggested. will it be ok.
    I shot one pano with these setting (interior, my bedroom). the pano came out ok, as for as stitching is concened.

    note I am doing this for first time, and I wil try with your values and let you know the result.

    However, another problem I am facing is ,the pano is very blurry not sharp at all. I am very unhappy here regarding this.
    Focusing was set to infinity. not changed in between the shots, is it necessary to focus manually for every shot before clicking?.

    Second, is it necessary to lock the lower rotator after each click-stop before clicking at that stop ?

    Any help please?

    Thanking you
    KVS Setty


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      Re: equation complete

      To get the maximum depth of field, you should focus on something closer to the camera instead of on infinity. The optimum point to focus on is the hyperfocal distance, which results in everything being in focus from infinity to half the hyperfocal distance. The aperture setting is a factor in this and you can find calculators on the web that will work out the correct setting for you. I have my Sigma 8mm set on the 1m mark and is taped in that position so it cannot move. The aperture used is f/8. See, for example, the calculator at You may not find your exact camera there, so choose something similar.