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nn5 vs nn5L vs nn3

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  • nn5 vs nn5L vs nn3

    What is the difference between these two models nn5 and nn5L? Is the nn5L just like the NN3 II but bigger? I'm about the make a purchase and I want to know if I should hold out for the nn5?

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    Re: nn5 vs nn5L vs nn3

    The biggest improvement is the upper rotator will have 15 degree positive stops. Once locked in you cannot rotate the arm - it's like a dead bolt. You can disengage the stops at anytime on the fly with a nifty little level without having to remove the camera. The 15 degree positive stops will allow up to approx 22 lbs of gear (15 lbs for the NN5L).
    NN5 will be very limited in initial production and those wanting to upgrade from their existing NN5L (purchases prior to August 1st) to NN5 will need to wait a couple extra months (sorry for added delay).
    We hope to have NN5 out before the end of the month and will take a bit longer before our distributors take stock. Limited pre-orders will begin soon and the NN5 package will retail for $449.95.
    Those buying NN5L's now are not eligible for upgrades later as the NN5L-NN5 upgrade was a limited run promotion. If you feel you need the NN5 best to wait a couple 2-3 weeks.