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  • RS-1 bubble level

    I just received my RS-1, RD5 and EZ-leveler II. I dialed it in last night, and my first Pano (nikon d800e + Nikon 16mm) was almost perfect. I have a question about the bubble level though. As I understand it, the bubble level should be at the center of rotation. If I center the bubble in the circle and then rotate the RS-1 180 degrees (3 x 60 degree clicks) the bubble starts to cross the circle. It goes back to center when rotated another 180 Degrees back to where it started. Is there an adjustment that I've missed, or a reason that this should happen?

    By the way, please start a forum thread for the RS-1. I found some of Heinz's photos that answered some setup questions, but I had to hunt for them. It would be helpful to have a dedicated thread for the benefit of all users.

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    Calibrate your rig. Level the first shot. Shoot your pano. Ignore any
    and all movement of the bubble level. Your stitching software will take care of leveling your pano. Do not relevel between shots