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Differences between NN3 and NN5?

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  • Differences between NN3 and NN5?

    Surely this is on the website somewhere and I have missed it?

    Could someone point this out to me?

    Thank you


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    Re: Differences between NN3 and NN5?

    Basically the NN5 / NN5L was built for those using larger cameras like the Nikon D2X and D3 or Canon 1Ds or MKIII. Also those needing to use a battery grip on the DSLR's. NN5 also accommodate much longer lenses and is approx 50% bigger than NN3 to allow for this.
    See also:
    Features on the NN3 can be found on our front page.
    Hope this helps - if not just let us know.


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      Re: Differences between NN3 and NN5?

      OK Thank you.

      Why not put that on your website clearly? (or again did I miss it?)

      I did see "The only difference between NN5 and NN5 Lite is that NN5 Lite doesné─˘t have upper rotator é─˙detentsé─¨ or click stops."

      When someone comes to your site at the top should be 2 products BAM NN3 (cameras lighter than X) NN5 (cameras heavier than X)

      Put news on its own page perhaps or scrolling marque

      Found it it was down in the ordering section, "NN3 does not support Nikon D2X, D3, Canon MK II, III or similar sized larger DSLRé─˘s. For these cameras please consider NN5."

      But it doesnt mention the longer lenses or the battery packs there either...

      Information seems to be in bits and pieces all over the place.

      The FAQ's list metal but that too is pretty broad. What type of metal? The whole thing? Can it rust?

      Thank you



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        Re: Differences between NN3 and NN5?

        Hi KM,
        Your feedback is appreciated. We have a lot of new items coming in and working to revamp the website to accommodate the growing line up.
        In the meantime if you have any particular questions we are here to help.
        Stay tuned.

        ps All NN's are constucted of Aluminum cast metal.