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  • Hi...........

    Hello Everyone,

    I thought I would start a new thread as I have looked through everything that I could find on NPP and can't solve my problem.

    Prior to receiving my head unit I was using a Nodal Ninja 5L with a Sony A100 and recently upgraded to a A550 with a Samyang 8mm Fisheye lens. It was easy to set up the NPP as you have two rails that can be adjusted.

    With the new head I disassembled the mounting bracket and was able to mount the A550 to the unit. I shaved off the knob so that it would clear the vertical arm.

    Below is a picture of the base of the head. I took 6 shots around at -15 degrees. You'll notice the saw teeth going out the the left. With the Nodal Ninja 5L all I have to do is move the vertical arm to the right a couple of mm and it would go away. I've seen the threads on replacing the "crown". When you refer to the "crown" are you meaning the piece that the rail slides into? If not the only other alternative I have is to replace the rail with something a bit thinner. There isn't much space left between the lens hood and the side plate. I would hate to have waited all this time to get my unit from the states only to be delayed to something that is probably simple and easy to correct.

    Thanks to everyone who has helped so far. I'm just about there. Need this one little fix.


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