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    I am very confused. I am setting up on a slik pro500dx tripod with the nn5 on tip i use a nikon d700 in portrait mode and i have a 24-85d lens. my question is this.If the level bubble is centered with the camera in place, how come the virtual horizon in the camera is slightly off level?.
    Question 2 when the bubble is centered, if i rotate through 180 degrees the bubble becomes of centered.
    I have the tripod set up on aliked floor in an apartment and habe no problems with finding the non parralex point.
    cheers don

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    Re: help needed

    Be aware that you can only see the bubble from the side when everything is set together. So you might think, the bubble is centered. Use a small round mirror like a dental mirror or something similar to look to the bubble from top, by looking to the mirror in 45.

    Turning around, the bubble might slightly leave the direct center without influence, it only might not leave the ring. It is important that it's centered in the beginning. You should use a 2 or 3 way bubble leveler in the flash shoe of the body to check. Check the camera mountings plate, specially CP-2 is mounted correctly.

    The built in leveler is very sensitive. There was a long discussion about this a longer time ago, I think end last year. You might search in the forum.