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Single and Multi-row with Nikon 12-24mm?

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  • Single and Multi-row with Nikon 12-24mm?

    Hi Folks,

    I'm curious to hear how others like using the Nikon 12-24mm F/2.8 for single- and multi-row stitched panoramas of landscapes and urbanscapes (not spherical). I have a rental on the way from and am going to try it out before making a purchasing decision.

    For those of you who have used it: Did you find: it too heavy/big? Did you find the wider end useful for panoramas or did you stick closer to the 24mm end? Did the lack of easily attached (and not super expensive Conkin) filters cause you any concern?

    Any other thoughts or insights are much appreciated.



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    Re: Single and Multi-row with Nikon 14-24mm?

    I meant 14-24mm. . .


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      Re: Single and Multi-row with Nikon 12-24mm?


      what do you want to use? I suppose D3, NN5 RD16, 14-24mm/f2.8?

      Of course it is not a D60 with one of the new plastic lenses. But this lens is worth it's money and weight. Try to look to Nikon Pro Publications and you will find a lot photos taken with the 14-24mm lens. As Nick already told you, it depends of what you like to get. Hight resolution takes more time cause of more shots, specially when bracketing to HDRI, more storage, specially when you do Raw plus JPEG. I shoot both, 14-24 and 16mmfisheye. Both have their own point of using them.

      So tell me what you use and i will send you the data for the 14-24 so that you can test it on your own with all zoom setting and spherical pano datas.



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        Re: Single and Multi-row with Nikon 12-24mm?


        I use the NN5 w/RD16 and a D700.

        I more than understand the fundamentals and science behind photography and, in particular, panoramic photography. I was merely asking a subjective question regarding the specific experiences of individuals on this Forum. That is, opinions in general and on the specific issues that I mentioned (which come directly from issues raised in various reviews).