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Anyone using a D50?

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  • Anyone using a D50?

    I've got an older version of the Nodal Ninja head (looks like a 2nd edition). Does anybody have specs as to where they line up their D50 with various lenses? I'm starting with the kit lens of 18-55mm and any help would be appreciated.

    Now I just need to save up for a new NN!

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    Re: Anyone using a D50?

    Hello 1991Syclone and welcome to the forum,
    The D50 looks very similar in size to the D80 (+/- 1m).
    So technically it appears your settings would fall close to A=48mm B=104mm. That said the SPH-2 had a shorter upper rail (max 87mm)
    So you would have to use your offset bracket as an extension as shown here:

    Using it in this manner I would estimate to get to the 104mm mark this would be the 19mm mark on the offset bracket.
    Hope this helps - let me know.


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      Re: Anyone using a D50?

      Thanks for the tip! I will check tonight and see how things turn out. I haven't had a chance to do any more panos with this setup, but will try with your recommendations.


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        Re: Anyone using a D50?

        I finally got enough saved up to buy the Nikkor 10.5mm. I am trying figure out the best setup for it with Nodal Ninja SPH-1j. I do realize that the vertical rail isn't high enough to get a straight up Zenith shot so I'm just concentrating on circular panoramas right now. I've got it set up with 48mm on the lower rail and 86mm on the upper rail (similar to the D80/10.5 combination).

        PTGui doesn't seem to have any problems stitching the images into a Panorama, but my question is about the PTGui optimizer. When it comes to minimize lens distortion, typically everything I have done with my cheap Opteka 0.22x fisheye and the kit 18-55mm lens has defaulted this to "Medium (recommended)". So far with all my testing on the Nikkor it defaults to "Heavy" every time. I have checked out the help section of PTGui with respect to the what Medium and Heavy do, I'm just wondering if everyone else has PTGui default to Heavy with the 10.5?