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D810 Samyang 14 mm lens

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  • D810 Samyang 14 mm lens

    Nodal Ninja 5L setting

    D810 Samyang 14 mm lens

    Lower arm horizontal position - the long arm of the foot is positioned medially at 5.9 mm. You can test this by mounting the camera so that it looks straight down at the nadir and check the pattern on the central bolt is central.

    Upper arm position - long part of the base plate facing forwards. Marker at 9.9 cm.

    See photos.

    Here I use 60 degree increments for two rows of horizontal images (each row shot at -40 and +40 degrees) and then shoot the nadir and zenith for a total of 12 images.

    Correct the lens distortion using a lens profile e.g. with DXO optics.

    D810 Tamron 24-70 mm VC lens at 24 mm

    Lower arm - as above

    Upper arm - 11.6 cm

    I donít know how many images I would take here, but the horizontal FOV for the Tamron at 24 mm is 83.7 (I think). I just use the Samyang and correct the distortion using a lens profile before stitching with Microsoft ICE (seems to do the trick much faster than any thing else).

    I used this method: to get these settings. To get your settings precise, you can use live view, stop down and zoom in (your field of view decreases but move your zoom window from side to side using the d-pad as you pan). This is probably the best way to do it and a lot easier than zooming in on your computer as you can instantly repeat in real time rather than rely on only the photos you have taken.
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