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Nikon D500 + 10.5mm Nikkor Fisheye with NN5 issue

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  • Nikon D500 + 10.5mm Nikkor Fisheye with NN5 issue

    Hello Everyone,
    I am facing stitch errors with my new Nikon D500 with 10.5mm Fisheye lens on NN5.
    Is anybody using the same setup?
    The readings on my A rail is 61 and with B rail is 76.

    Any help would be really appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards
    Dheeraj Thakur

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    How did you arrive at the settings you are using? If you have checked that parallax is more-or-less eliminated, then the stitching errors may be the result of the manner in which the images are being stitched. You may or may not have a lot of experience in using your stitching software, so it's difficult to offer an opinion on what might be causing your stitching errors. This tutorial should help to sort out any problems with your NN5 settings: . If and when you have checked/corrected your settings you still have stitching problems, please upload a set of jpeg files somewhere for investigation - eg , Dropbox etc - and post a link to them here. It's usually possible to identify the cause of the problems fairly quickly.



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      Hi John,
      I had learnt shooting panoramas from your tutorial link ... Thank you :)

      I have been using D700 with 10.5mm on NN5... and it was going perfect..till i bought the new D500.
      I found out the NPP with following method:
      1. For the lower rail reading, i pointed the camera downwards to get the centre of pano head with nodal ninja's logo.
      2. Then for upper rail reading, i kept 2 lights stands at some distance from each other (one closer to the lens and other little further away.)
      Kept a little visible gap between both the stands and started adjusting the upper rail till i saw no difference in the visible gap on moving the pano head either ways (yaw movement).

      The readings were: for lower rail (A) at 61 and for upper rail (B) at 76.
      Now to my surprise every time i removed my setup of NN5 and started again the settings shifted to A= 57 B=78 and A=59 B=75.
      Never had faced this issue with any other camera.

      Also my observations with nadir shots are extremely perplexing as there was a visible shift when i saw 2 nadir shots.
      you can check the psd file here....

      Awaiting your response.

      Thanks & Regards


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        Dheeraj, It's best if you align the two nadir images with PTGui using control points on the floor. You can then see the parallax shift more clearly. (See attached image). By reference to the scale on the lower rail, it seems that the shift is about 3mm, which means an adjustment to the lower rail setting of 1.5mm is needed. Note that the centre of the NN logo won't necessarily be exactly in the centre of the image frame for various reasons.

        For adjusting the upper rail setting, it helps to have the two alignment objects as far apart as possible, since both objects will suffer parallax shift when you rotate the head, and you are effectively measuring the difference between these two shifts. I like to use a near object about 50cm away and for the far object something a long, long way away seen through a window to get the maximum visible shift. But however you do it, you would expect to get repeatable results. I don't know what might be causing the discrepancies in your measurements, other than obvious things like not tightening screws etc. and not having the tripod on a solid floor. Your photo shows one tripod foot on a carpet or mat, which is not sufficiently firm.



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          Thanks John.
          Let me try this and i shall let you know.