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New Upper Arm for Nodal Ninja 5 ?

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  • New Upper Arm for Nodal Ninja 5 ?


    If you check the store for NN 5 you will notice that it is mentioned : " Purchasers of this package may trade-up to NN5 with upper arm 15 degree stops in mid 2008 (est. Aug) for a nominal fee. "

    Is this a new arm ? is it better than the current NN5 upper arm ? ....... Sorry But I didn't understand what you mean. Would some one please explain . Probably show us some picture.


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    Re: New Upper Arm for Nodal Ninja 5 ?

    To date all people buying the NN5L will be allowed to trade-up to the newer NN5 for a small cost. The primary difference between the NN5L and NN5 is that NN5 will have upper rotator positive stops every 15 degrees. Some may need this feature others may not. The stops are like a positive locking system and can be easily disengaged.
    When NN5 is released it will be "very" limited in supply. Because of the limited supply early purchasers of NN5L wishing to upgrade will need to wait a couple extra months.
    The trade-up program currently being offered is expected to end very soon (this week). Once it does only those who purchased NN5L prior to a specific date will be allowed the option to upgrade for a nominal cost. Later purchases of NN5L wishing to tradeup may or may not do so however the cost will be higher and dependent on individual reseller return policies.

    If you feel you want a NN5 it is best to wait a bit until they are released (est mid August). NN5L will remain the same price and NN5 package will sell for $449.95.
    The manufacturer (Nick) may jump in with more details soon.
    stay tuned.....l


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      Re: New Upper Arm for Nodal Ninja 5 ?

      Unlike NN3, NN5 is a totally new venture with lots of new design ideas implemented. NN3 was an evolution from NN1 and 2.
      For the best benefit of customers and as a reward to early support, we decide to offer this very inexpensive upgrade option. We will offer NN5L users a completely new NN5 unit just for the price difference between NN5L and NN5. The offer ends when NN5 is availabile for purchase. Customers pay for the return and forward shipping.
      As Bill pointed out, the initial supply of NN5 will be very limited, we beg NN5L users to wait for 2-3 months for the upgrade. By that time, we will have more accessories released, they can get the accessories at the same time. They can also upgrade to the advanced rotator by paying the price difference only.
      So stay tuned and be patient. You have a fully functional NN5L already.

      We listen. We try harder.


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        Re: New Upper Arm for Nodal Ninja 5 ?

        Ok... Thanks for your reply.

        I'm holding my credit card .... can't wait till mid Aug.