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  • NN5 Settings?

    Hello, I bought my NN5 head a couple of years ago. When I first set it up using my Nikkon D80 with a 10.5 fisheye I remember referencing a table which told me where to set the stop plates on the lower and upper rails. Since I have always used that set up I've never needed to change the position of the stop plates. However, now I would like to experiment with a longer lens and do some gigapans, but I can not find that reference chart. I see on this page you are referencing the distances "A" and "B" but where is the chart?



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    "A" will remain the same for any lens on your D80 as the distance from the base plate to the lens principle ray is a property of the camera body.
    "B" needs to be set so the NPP (Entrance Pupil, NNP) is at the vertical axis of rotation of the NN, and this point can be determined using the methods described at: