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    Hi, hopefully I have done the right thing. I got hold of a NN5 kit because I was taking pano shots hand held or on my tripod and having diffuculty. I want to take tandscape panos etc.Hoping this would be easy I now find myself confused about all the formulas to work out the number of rows etc needed with different lenses and overlap etc.
    Im not one for maths and calculations and so far what I have read looks like a scientific equasion. Is there a
    link to a forum ets to actually teach about panos from the basics before I get into the numbers side of things.


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    Hi John,

    most of us use PTGui besides Auto Pano Pro or Giga. Stitching software with Tutorial dito Forum with "How to" on top bar one of the most experienced users with very good tutorials Good tutorials with a lot of basic infos

    To check the number of stops you need per row, use Frank's Calculator: Overlaps can be chosen, mostly 25% to be safer 30%. You will get to know the number of shots you need per row. Then you have to choose the right detend plunger setting at the rotator. For example : you need 6 shots around, you have to choose 60 detend plunger setting - the small blue knob of the rotator.

    To get to know the amount of rows you have to take have a look to

    You can download trial versions of the software.

    When you give us a list of the camera bodies and lenses you like to use, we can give you more specific help.

    Feel free to ask.

    Kind regards,
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