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NN5 and Arca style Quick release system

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  • NN5 and Arca style Quick release system

    Thanks again for all other enquires I have made. Im new to pano photography so still looking for info on setting up this gear. The kit came with a NN5 and Arca style Quick release system. Im still a bit confused on where it is used.
    Ive been looking in the forum but couldnt find what im looking for.
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    When you want to use QRS = quick release system, you do not use the CP-2 camera plate that comes with the NN5. Instead of Cp-2, you mount the Arca style camera plate to the camera body. This can be the camera plate of the system, or any third party arca style clamp. The clamp has to be mounted to the upper rail, for the best with the handle site showing to the ground.

    Consequence for LRS = Lower rail setting: because the QRS is thicker than the original CP-2, 11mm, you have to add this distance to original setting. Let us say 60 original, with complete NN system this then will be 71 as LRS. Check it with the hacksaw method with your equipment.

    Using a third party arca style camera plate, the new distance might be different. To be able to give basic information, I bought both QRS, the arca style and the normal NN set. Arca style adds 11mm to old LRS, normal system 12mm. Arca style with Wimberley universal camera plate gives a distance of 13mm for example instead of 12mm. So with third party camera plate you may get other results and have to test on your own.


    BTW: the handle of the clamp can change position by lifting it when it is in the way to fix the clamp screw.
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      Thaks again Heinz.
      I now have the QRS under contol. I checked out the Optimal Stitching Position tutorial and decided to have a go. I used a Sigma 10-20mm @ 10mm on my Pentax K10D. I found that I had to tilt down to at least 30 degree to get some of the panohead in the shot as 15 degrees only just picked up the bottom of the leg..
      It took a while to get the image open in CS4. I ended up with a large pano but managed to get the head in the shot somewhere. I downloaded a trial version of PTGui but not real confident with it and found a bit daunting for me as im just starting out with pano shots.I need to find some time to read up more. I will try again tonight and do a few adjustments.
      Thanks again