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    I just got my NN5 and RD16 and even after reading the users guide and watching the tutorials, I'm unclear about something really basic: Mounting the camera plate on my 5D mkII. In the video tutorial, it looks like the little lip on the camera side of the plate is flush with the edge of the camera. When I screw it into my camera, it's a good 1/4+" away from the edge of the camera. Is this how it should be or do I need to change something?

    Thanks in advance for any help with this.


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    Hi Rob,

    Welcome on the forum.

    Cp-2 camera plate has two thin plates with different length of the nose and one base plate. First you have to choose the plate that fits to your camera body and where you have to fix the nose to: lens side or back side of the body. May be you have to take the set apart.. The nose has to be in total contact to the camera body.

    Then have a look to the bottom of the base plate. You see the white strip that will mark the position of the upper rails setting. You will realize, that the base plate has two side with different length, 2/3 to 1/3. This gives you a long side and a short side, to be able to get closer to the ends of the upper rail on both sides: to the rotation center or to the far end. Using normal lenses, it will be good to fix the plate with the long side to the lens. Only lenses like Nikkor 50mm/f1.4 , having an upper rail setting of 38 on NN5 will ask the short side ( 1/3) to the lens.

    Now re assemble thin top plate and base plate in the way you need it: nose to front or back etc. Fix the top plate that way, that it can be moved along the base plate with a little pressure.

    Place pre fixed plates to camera body, fix the big yellow screw a little bit to get the right position, and then slide the thin top plate against the camera body till both side of the nose touch the body to be rectangular.Hold it in place while fixing the base plate to the camera body. Now check again, that still both sides of the nose are in close contact to the camera body. Take off the system and fix top and base plate in the position you found to be correct with the small silver screw. Check once again on camera body.

    Ready to go.

    Tip: I use two sets of CP-2 for one camera body, one fixed short side of the base plate to the lens, one visa versa. Changing the "sides of top plate and base plate" sometimes needs to take out the small silver screw and use the hole of the opposite side in the base plate. Nothing you ask for when you are out to take your pano. So that's why I use two sets.

    This should help you to get ready.

    Free free to ask.

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      Thanks so much for the detailed reply!