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Zoom Telephoto with nodal point 100mm +/- the tripod base

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  • Zoom Telephoto with nodal point 100mm +/- the tripod base

    I've just purchased an NN6 and I'm using it with an Olympus OMD EM-1. It works well with a 12-42 zoom and a 7-14 but trying to use it with a 40-150 has caused a few problems. The nodal point is at the front of the lens at the low end but moves to the lens mount at about 50mm and behind the camera at 150 (I can get this to work by putting the camera on the mount backwards). I seem to need a longer rail that would mount on top of the top rail but perhaps 5mm above it to clear the top rotator. Has anyone done anything like this? I seems possible with an arca plate and double sided clamp but I'm not sure about the dimensions.

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    when shooting at 150mm (300mm eq.), there shouldn't be a big issue for small offset from NPP, unless you have close subject. Test it and see how it works.
    FYI, many people use 600mm for Gigapixel world record, and it is impossible to mount a 600mm at NPP. ;-)
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      Hi Nick,
      Thanks for your reply, I was trying to get all my lenses "calibrated" before going off on a tour around the western states next week. I take your point, and doing the the maths, the number of shots needed to include focus bracketing would probably be prohibitive for me. I've used the NN6 up to 40mm (80mm equiv) so far with good results but its a lot of shots for a 360. I'll probably only use the longer focal lengths for printed panoramas so can limit it a bit (no nadir or zenith needed) and I can then use the lens pointing in the "wrong" direction to get it on the nnp if need be. But I'll certainly give it a try off center for distant panos.