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NN4 +RD16 II , Nikon D3s+ samyang 14mm

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  • NN4 +RD16 II , Nikon D3s+ samyang 14mm

    Hi is there any nikon shooter out here that have this combo? im struggeling to get a nice pano, specialy the nadir. Have tried to lokk at tis forum but i cant find anyone with the same setup.

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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    A Samyang 14mm is not used very often. So you have to find the settings on your own.

    You can follow the rules by adding L1 with L2 to find the URS = upper rail setting.

    L2 for your lens is 55mm, L1 for D3 is 38mm. In total 93mm for URS = upper rail setting. This sounds quite good cause it is in the range of Samyang lenses I have tested.

    LRS is H + 13mm offset of the camera plate CP2 to reference point.

    H1 of D3 is 75mm. LRS should be 75mm + 13mm = 88

    So your settings should be LRS = 88 and URS =93.

    Test these settings with the links above.

    If you are unsure, please send a set of pics to to share them.

    Concerning your nadir shot have a look to my videos:

    Incase you are still in trouble with the nadirs, please send the pics via

    I'll check them for you.

    Success, Heinz
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      Thanx for the fast feedback and replay Heinz.
      i will trie your sugested settings. sorry for my nobb questions but the LR setting i do not have the same thin marking line that i have on my UR so do i read the number thats just in front of the base on the LR?

      Do you have any sugestion on what would be the best combo for a lense on a fullframe body?


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        I've checked my database for LRS D3 and it is 89 in place of theoretically 88.

        You read LRS just in front of the foot of the vertical rail. The long side of the foot has to be mounted towards the rotator. Just let the marking line inside the rail just be seen in front of the foot.

        The normal lens for D3 would be the 16mm/f2.8, it needs 6 shots around + Z +2x N. In case of busy places, stronger winds, lots of traffic I use a shaved 10.5mm/f2.8 for 4 shots around + Z +2x N. This means the lens hood is cut off. Shooting bracketting there will be a difference in time to shoot all the shots. So +2 shots x .... of the bracketting may give you a lot of ghost etc, which means a lot of work on the computer.

        Your Samyang lens is tested quite good. Have a look to vrwave to your lens, you find some interesting info and the test in LensTip. Once you are used to it, there should be no problem in using it though it is a manuel lens. Fill in the data in PtGui and store them.

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          Something more about Samyang 14mm: