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Canon 500D + Sigma 10-20 Combination

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  • Canon 500D + Sigma 10-20 Combination

    Okay so I have read over the Website before coming here and found the Setting, Tools Tutorials Page for Canon.

    I have ordered my Nodal Ninja 4 with the R-D16 II Rotator.

    While I am eagerly awaiting for it to arrive I thought i would do some research, on the above website page it gives a bunch of camera types but does not list my setup so please help me.

    What would my setup be with a Canon 500D and a Sigma 10-20 Wide angle lens? I look forward to seeing your replies and your help.

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    Hello netline, welcome to the world of panoramic photography.

    To set up your camera / lens combination view directly from the front and ensure that the centre of the lens is on the vertical axis of rotation then view from the side and set the lens so that the Entrance Pupil (Nodal Point) is on the horizontal axis of rotation as shown on the following web pages:
    and pages 7 and 8 on:

    The Entrance Pupil for Sigma 10-20mm is shown on: