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NN4, Nikon D800 and 14-24mm Lens

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    Originally posted by vineetsuthan View Post
    Can i ship to frieght forwarding agent in US or can you ship it directly to UAE. If so what would be the cheapest option
    Regards vineet
    Hi Vineet,
    We get many people using freight forwarders which is not a problem and we also ship direct to UAE (least expensive method is USPS International Express). However because freight forwarding is popular channel for fraudulent activity we might ask for additional information after your purchase. Also do not select "overnight" delivery service (raises red flags).
    Thank you


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      Thanks Heinz,
      finally the last question, which camera plate is compatible for my camera d800?


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        As Vincen mentioned: we have tested the U3 to fit D800



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          D800 in Landscape mode for Verts using L Bracket?

          Ok then, let's go.

          Your question about the L-bracket is a bit tricky. To be able to give you some basic advice, I simulated the L-bracket with D300s for you. The lens axis position for NPP will change on lower rail when you go from portrait mode to landscape mode. Normally we use a set up with vertical rail on the right hand side with camera grip on top - release button. When you use an L-bracket, camera connection changes to the opposite side, to the left in landscape mode. This needs a change of the normal set up. In place of using the vertical rail on the right hand side, you have to change it to the left. Also the lower rail has to be changed to left hand side. The bubble level on the lower rail has to be place to show to the right instead of showing to the left from viewpoint position.

          Dear Heinz,

          Is there anyway to mount my D800 in landscape mode for doing vertoramas as you described above using an L bracket on the NN4?

          Thanking you in advance,