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NN4 with Canon 70-200mm

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  • NN4 with Canon 70-200mm

    hi guys,
    this weekend i wanted to do a HD pano of about 80 (HFOV )

    However if i set the focal lenght to 200mm i had to do multiple Row.
    How can i do this with the 15 stops (upper rotator)?
    i don't want to dommage the rotator while not set to 15

    i shoot this @70mm.
    so only one Row.
    I want to create a more bigger images !

    Thank you for your help !

    Have a nice day.

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    The product details say - "Limit to 100mm focal length only (35mm equivalent and 25% overlap)". This is an important limitation of the NN4 as compared to the NN5, which has detents on the upper rotator that can be disengaged on the fly. The Ultimate M1 head has 7.5 detents, so it can handle focal lengths of up to 200mm.


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      Ah, so that's why it's 100m... I was wondering if it were that, or the length of the top rail. I took this today:

      Using a 5D3, 24-105 at 70mm. Top rail around 7, 15 degrees on the rotator. 3 rows, 46 images.

      I wish I had gotten a bit more reach up to 100mm, some how I remembered the limit being 70mm.

      I have a canon 70-200 f4, as well as the 100mm 2.8 macro L. I wonder which would be sharper, the 100 since its a prime?


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        for a 100mm eq. focal length, angle of view along the width of sensor is about 20 deg. Using 15 deg upper rotator interval, % overlap is (20-15)/20=25%.
        Using longer focal length will reduce the overlap. So max is around 100mm eq.

        Note: this limit is for multi-row. For Single row, the limit is determined by the lower rotator.

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