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Tokina 16-28 for 360 VR Panoramas

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  • Tokina 16-28 for 360 VR Panoramas

    I have a 5D mk ii and a Tokina 16-28. I see that the Nikon 14-24 is an acceptable lens for VR panoramas and the Tokina is supposedly very similar to this lens.

    From what I have read, the longer the focal length the better the resolution but the more pictures you have to take. I am tempted to pick up a Sigma 15mm F2.8 EX DG but since I have the Tokina and using this theory I can get better quality photos in the end it would seem to be redundant. I am gathering all my info from many places at this point trying to find the answers to my questions and I could use some advice...

    Does anyone know where I can find how many images I should plan to take with this lens?

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the Tokina 16-28 for 360 VR panoramas?

    That and is the Nodal Ninja 4 the best panorama head for the 5D mk ii and the Tokina 16-28?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Originally posted by counterpoint View Post
    Does anyone know where I can find how many images I should plan to take with this lens?
    See the lens database at . The specific Tokina lens is not listed, but you can find a 16-35mm lens in the Canon section.


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      to learn about the number of shots you need around you can use Frank's calculator:

      @zoom 16 6 shots around give an overlap of 19%, which normally should be 25%, 8 around give you 39%. You have to shoot 2 rows similar to the Nikkor 14-24 @zoom 16, around zoom >=24 you might need 3 rows.

      I too tried to get info about NPP of this lens. But I could not find any. But this might be the problem. NN4 has a shorter upper rail than the old NN5 which is discontinued. As you can see the upper rail of NN4 is limited to a max URS of 115mm. Chapter 3, 3.2.2

      Nikkor 14-24 needs settings from 122mm - 112mm from zoom 14 - 24 and can be used on NN5. NN4 upper rail would be too short. In case your tokina lens is similar to 14-24, you would need a M1-L.

      For the rest NN4 would be ok. So try to make a deal with your reseller, to test the NN4 and in case it does not fit your lens and it is undamaged, to change it to M1-L.

      But may be your lens will work with NN4. There can not be a better hint for you right now. Just wanted to tell you that there might be a problem.

      This lens is good for quiet places in calm conditions of wind or waves. For more busy places with a lot of people walking around you need a fisheye to get around with one row and 4 or 6 shots.

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        Thanks for all the info hindenhaag!

        I travel... ALOT! I never get the atmosphere in a cathedral from a wide angle shot. It's impossible. I figure since I have the Tokina 16-28 and it is such a fantastic wide angle lens that it would take incredible panoramas but because of it's size and weight buying a M1-L at $760.00 seems a bit much to spend on a head when I have never done panoramas before. But then again buying a Sigma 15mm 2.8 and a nodal ninja NN3 is still more expensive than using my existing Tokina.

        I am going to send a mail to support and ask for their advice on the lens :-)


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          Wait... why don't I just get the NN5 with RD16 (Factory Irregular) in discontinued models?


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            That would solve the question. Will serve all your needs.



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              I just received a response from Nodal Ninja support:

              I can confirm that Nodal Ninja 4 is perfect with your camera and lens combination. NN4 is good for lenses up to a 105mm equivalent focal length.


              Mauro Contrafatto
              Nodal Ninja
              Customer Service Manager