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NPP Error or stitching error

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  • NPP Error or stitching error

    Hey guys,

    i have a question regarding my new hardware: 7D+NN4+Sigma 10-20mm using @10mm.
    i set the NN4 as close as the NPP but after tryin a 360 pano i get some shifting on the floor tiles while the nadir image is perfect.
    for this one i used 17pictures (N, -30*8, 45*8)
    i tried to move the Upper rail by one mm forward and backward and get the same shifting.

    the day after i tried another setup; 16 pictures (-60*4, 0*8, 60*8) and the result on the floor is perfect however the nadir image is not.

    as pictures are way better to explain things, have a look out there:

    Password: panophoto

    Do you think its a stiching issue with Autopano Pro or some adjustment of the NPP to be done ?

    By the way i tried the second pano with a 17th images (the nadir) and the stiching is well on the tiles but rotator is not circular ...

    Thanks guys for your help.

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    The first panorama does reveal small problems with the setup of the head. The nadir shows parallax movement of the centre of the knob relative to the floor in the background. This is due to inaccuracies in the position of the entrance pupil when the camera is pointing vertically down. The entrance pupil should lie on the vertical axis of rotation, of course. There are two adjustments affecting the position: one is the mount position of the vertical rail onto the bottom rail, and the second is rotation of the camera about its tripod socket attached by a screw to the upper rail.
    I suggest you take two nadir shots with the head rotated by 180 between them, and then stitch them together into a PSD layered file, using control points only on the floor. View the layered file in Photoshop and toggle the upper layer on/off. The centre point of the knob should not shift - ie there should be no visible parallax between the two shots. Inspection of the images should show what adjustments are needed to correct any shifts. It's just common sense.
    Of course, the third adjustment required is the mount position on the upper rail. That appears to be quite good already, but should be checked after making the above adjustments.


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      Besides John's basic hints I checked the database for your set up because I am a Nikonian. H1 for Canon D7 is 42 plus 13mm offset for NN4 gives an lower rail setting of 55mm on the lower rail. Zoom set @10mm L1 + L2 is 99.5 for URS = Upper Rail Setting.

      How to check this? for URS = Upper rail setting

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        Hi Heinz, John,

        thanks for your tips, i'll try them tomorrow.
        By the way my settings is lower rail :56mm (which might be the problem) and Upper rail: 99,5mm

        i'll let you know


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          You can check that the Sigma lens is set up visually by looking from the side and seeing if the NNP is in line with the vertical rotation axis.
          For the Sigma 10-20mm @ 10mm the NNP IS 6mm back from the gold ring ...

          Hope this helps, Hugh.


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            Hi Hugh, Heinz & John, thank you very much for your help.

            i found out that the CP-2 plate was not close enough to the camera body and so introduce some errors.
            Now when i take 2 pics (Nadir shot) with 180 difference and i stitch them in photoshop layer, the logo nodal ninja doesn't move at all !!
            however i spend hours and hours to improve my settings (7D + Sigma 10-20mm@10mm) as its a bit quiet at work (and i'm off the west coast of the US saturday morning), but i still noticed some errors:

            i used the easypano methods. Upper rail set to +45 (so looking to the floor) take 8 pics (every 45) and stitch them into autopano pro.

            The result with lower rail set to 54mm and upper rail set to 100mm:

            The result with the same lower rail settings and the upper rail around 99,5mm

            As you can see the logo is not quite clear and round. Is it a stitching issue or more related to parralax?

            when i do a 360*180 (4pics at -60, 8*0, 4*60) i get this nadir shot (LRS=54 URS=100)

            I spend lots of time adjusting the lower and upper rail settings but i'm still not satisfied.

            here the stitched zenith (4*45) at 54mm & 100mm
            when i use LRS:55 and URS: 100 i have this result (worst)

            Is this could be cause by the deformation of the 10mm ?
            i know i shouldn't have any kind of problem outside, but i just want to be perfect.

            Thank you for your help!!


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              Perhaps you can make a set of images available (half size will do) so we can try stitching them with PTGui. It's possible it may do a better job than Autopano Pro.


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                Have a look to this thread:

                You are not the only one with this problem. And believe me, everyone of us started with these questions.

                I believe you mean -45 pitch, but this is far too much. Just go down to -15 and use the settings I described in the other thread. You have to get a nice round rotator without teeth. May be you just download PTGui Pro as trial to find your settings. I am not up to date with autopano pro. But your Nadir view shows a tooth and shift of the panohead. So your settings seem to be not optimized. So LRS and URS = Lower ~ Upper rail settings seem to be out of NPP.

                In the beginning you have to be sure about NPP Position on LRS and URS. Then go for Panos with Zenith and Nadir. When I am not sure about the whole workflow or doing a pano with new equipment, I first only stitch the pics around till I have a max distance below 2. In PTGui Pro I save this as template. Then I add step by step the zenith shot, stitch, and then the Nadir shots. Your pics of the zenith show often seen stitching errors. Sometimes you have to correct CP = Control points manually. Once you have made a template, the need of manual CP corrections will be reduced.

                My be you send the set of pics on to us to test them.

                Theoretically you should start with LRS = 55mm ; H1 = 42mm + 13mm NN offset from CP-2 plate to reference point of vertical rail foot on lower rail. L1 + L2 gives you 99.5. I am a Nikonian so I can not test this. But this should be a good starting point to find your settings.

                The Link to get to know about lenses:

                Feel free to ask,
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                  Hi John,

                  thanks for your help

                  you can have a look here



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                    The images were rather small, but they stitched perfectly with PTGui. The overlaps in the upper and lower rows are awkward and the automatic control point generator had difficulty in finding matching features. A good proportion of the points were assigned manually. The stitched image is at:!/16b4klL/v/0 .


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                      hi John, thanks for your help

                      i tried PTgui during lunch, but as i dont know the soft it was very hard for me to stitch them, i get a RSM of 7...
                      i uploaded another batch of img here
                      you can see the result called 54-100.jpg and at the ceiling on the top of the tripod see the deviation ...
                      Again, thanks for your time !!!


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                        The bigger images were easier to stitch but I still needed to correct and add points to get a good optimization: average 0.9, max 2.8. It's not an easy project for a beginner. My result and .pts project file are at:


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                          John,, thank you for your time !
                          What do you think then ?
                          Result looks good enough to me...
                          The differences between Autopano and PTGui worries me a bit.
                          Autopano doesn't have any trouble to find control point btw 2 images and the RMS is quite good (around 2). but i get these shifting ...

                          I'll try to have a look on Kolor Forum to check the settings.

                          I'm leaving tomorrow (saturday morning) for the West Coast of the US, so i'll try to bring back some wonderful VR's landscapes :)

                          Have fun and catch up in September.

                          Again, John, Heinz, thanks for your time and help.


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                            here the result for me ;)
                            i had to set the tilt to -35 and the LRS is 56mm; URS is 99,5mm perfect to me !!! ;)
                            Cheers for your help !!!!


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                              Congrats, you got it.

                              Have nice time in US. We'll eager to see your panos..