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    Originally posted by foto-biz View Post
    Yes, somewhat. My "main" problem is the other "end." I mostly use my Canon 17-55 as the lens. Here's my procedure:

    1. 17mm ==> nodal point: 75mm I do my 1st pano at 17mm
    2. 20mm ==> nodal point: 71mm, redo the same pano at 20mm
    3. 28mm ==> nodal point: 60mm, redo the same pano at 28mm

    between step 1 and step 2, I need to move the camera on the upper arm. That's where I get the problems, as I tighten up the camera plate with the camera, the whole assembly slides backward so it takes me a few times to align correctly the camera.
    the camera plate moves a little when the knob is tigtened. This is normal. The friction between the knob and rail cause this movement. Try adding one more plastic washer to the knob. Add some grease between the washes will further reduce the friction. This may solve your problem. Regarding your application, our NN Ultimate M1 will be a better choice. Multiple rails stops are possible (custom made) to remember all of 3 rail settings. Changing from one to another is a breeze and very precise.

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