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NN3 MKII or NN5?

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  • NN3 MKII or NN5?

    Hi all,
    I'm new to this forum, and just wanted a bit of advice as to whether I should buy the NN3 or NN5. I'm shooting with a plastic panoramic set up at the moment which is a bit light for my Nikon D200; I'm generally using a Nikon 20-35 for panos, so the weight is getting up there (I'm guessing around 2.5kg or so). I know the NN3 can handle this, but I suppose my question is, can the NN5 handle it better? I'd like to get a lens in the 50-80mm range in the future; are these lens still good with the NN3 or am I getting to the upper limits of the NN3?

    Sorry, just a big decision and I want to make the right one...

    many thanks,

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    Re: NN3 MKII or NN5?

    Hi Pete,

    if you want to use 50-80mm range, you need to get NN5. The adjustment distance on NN3 may not be enough for your lens at this range. NN5 is much more stable than NN3. NN3 works well for not so heavy DSLR with not so big wide angle lens. For heavier or bigger cameras with heavy big lens, NN5 should be used. Indeed, NN5 was designed with needs for making high resolution mosaic in mind.

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      Re: NN3 MKII or NN5?

      Thanks Nick, just what I was looking for...