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stitching photos please help

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  • stitching photos please help

    Stitching photographs of a 18mm lens is complicated and takes longer to make a QTVR or with the appropriate program does not require much time.
    The program recognizes once all the photos or you need to identify common points between the photos?

    what is the best program that recognizes best the common points of the photos?
    To make a 360 degree spherical, first I stitch the photographs in a program and then along the upper and lower picture into another program?
    Can anyone help me


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    Re: stitching photos please help

    Hi tmrfr,
    It would help to know what camera and software you are using. If using a Canon Rebel your 18mm lens will shot at a 29mm focal length because of the x1.6. crop factor.
    Generally speaking if you have things setup correctly on your NN the software should pick it up fine.
    Double check:
    * Each exposure in the set with same shutter shutter speed and aperture as well as manual focus locked.
    * Shoot in a clockwise manner with a good 30% overlap between images.
    * I have found also that if the setting inside your camera menu system is set to auto rotate (for picture preview) that this for some odd reason confuses some stitching software. So turn auto rotator off.

    Try using Hugin (free) or PTGui (free trail) - these are very popular stitching programs.
    Hope this helps


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      Re: stitching photos please help

      my camara is canon 1000D lens 18-55mm.
      The program I dont no, i'm using trial versons of ptgui, autopano pro, 3dvista...