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Canon 40D + Canon 10-22 mm

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  • Canon 40D + Canon 10-22 mm

    Hi all,

    After a couple of trials, it was pointed out to me else where that the settings for the 40D+10-22 needs to be adjusted. I have a NN3 MKII head and I used the settings recommended in the camera settings.
    Anyways, I tried to recalculate the numbers manually and came up with this:

    Lower Rail 'A' = 43 mm
    Upper Rail 'B' = 104.5 mm

    If I could push the camera backward a little more I would have because the settings in B is the closest thing to correct but not exactly.

    Can someone confirm the numbers?

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    Re: Canon 40D + Canon 10-22 mm

    I use lower rail of 38.

    upper rail i am using with a quick release plate thus will not be accurate for your case.


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      Re: Canon 40D + Canon 10-22 mm

      Originally posted by Aussie Ninja
      *Suggested Starting Point*
      Canon 40D without Battery Grip using Canon 10-22mm @ 10mm
      Upper Rail 93mm
      Lower Rail 48mm/58mm with NN camera plate.
      Aussie Ninja
      Thanks for the replies. I used these settings as a suggested starting point. After a couple of trails in stitching 360x180 panos someone pointed out that i need to recheck the numbers because of some minor parallax errors. I rechecked the settings through manual testing to find the n.p.p. and these are the numbers I came up with. I am sharing them here to see if someone can confirm it.